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Please Don't Leave

Art Prompt Title: #1013
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: valress

Fic Title: N/A
Word Count:

Summary: More of a prompt than a summary since my author didn't post

Basically, Kris and Adam are BBF's, Kris goes through a "fucking everything with a pulse and a dick" phase and Adam has enough of watching him downward spiral, so he basically says "Stop or I'm gone" Kris freaks out, there is angst, possibly tears and finally a Happily Ever After. Because Kradam should ALWAYS have a HEA.

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ai: kris&adam - gma look by talipuu

Roads Untaken

Art Prompt Title: #1003: I used to know you so well
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: chosenfire28

Fic Title: Roads Untaken
Author: spikedluv
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 32,300 words
Warnings: None

Summary: Kris Allen fell in love with Adam Lambert during Idol. The two of them made plans to spend the rest of their lives together, but Kris decided that it was unfair of him to leave Katy before he’d even given his marriage a chance. Kris breaks things off with Adam, breaking both their hearts. When Kris’ marriage fails despite their best efforts, he thinks it’s too late for him and Adam. But is it?

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A Glimpse of the Future

Art Prompt Title: 1002

Art link:Art Masterlist


Fic Title:A Glimpse of the Future


Rating: PG

Word Count: ~2300

Summary: Kris is a prince on the verge of marrying a stranger in three days. Feeling restless, he sneaks out to spy on the gypsies entertaining the kingdom. He meets Adam, who gives him a glimpse of a future he never thought he'd have. Will it come true? Or is Kris too scared to take a chance?
J2 & Kradam FTW!

Canis Ex Abyssus

Art Prompt Title: 1007
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: va_bites

Fic Title: Canis Ex Abyssus
Author: blue_icy_rose
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,105
Warnings: There is absolutely no plot to this. Unless you count the running theme of a demonic dog. I'm just saying, it's a bunch of fluff.

Summary: Adam thinks that his and Kris's new dog, Max, is possessed. Kris just thinks Adam is crazy. Until he doesn't.

Note: I just have to apologize - this was supposed to go up yesterday but I ended up having to work a double shift at work when the night shift cashier decided not to show. Basically, this means I've been on my feet for sixteen hours and, as much as I love Kradam and you guys, my shower came first when I got home about an hour ago, lol. But I didn't want you guys thinking this was forgotten - it was just delayed due to RL!

Also, Max's antics are based off an actual dog I had (who, yes, did earn herself the nickname Cheeto Face - you'll get it with the fic). The only difference is we never thought she was possessed. Just crazy. ^_^

sleeping to die

Art Prompt Title: 1005
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: katekat1010

Fic Title: sleeping to die
Author: cerinityks
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,200
Warnings: Violence, Mild Language, Supernatural Elements

Summary: They met, for the first time, completely by accident. It was at some function or another, thrown by someone undoubtedly rich with too much time on their hands. Adam couldn’t even remember if the person was human or not, only that he had been invited to a party, and who was he to refuse a chance to get dressed up?
Slave to My Heart

Slave to My Heart

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1001: 1001
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: abobejunkie</lj>adobejunkie

Slave to My Heart: Slave To My Heart
Author: mhobbs0430
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,436
Warnings: m/m sex, blowjob, incest, master-slave situations, mmm can't think of any others

Summary: Kris is slated to become pharaoh and is betrothed to the princess Katy, however, when his father invades Nubia and acquires a house servant and her son, Kris develops feelings for the slave boy. Will destiny drive them apart or seal them together for all eternity?